Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 2008 Meeting Notes

X2 - Experience Exchange Study Group
August 14-15, 2008
Minneapolis, MN

Weasels Present:
Kelly Bennett
Jeff Cassat
Bruce Dickes
Mick Occhiuto

Weasel MIA:
Al Fering

Business Meeting:
The meeting was called to order in the plush Executive Board Room at Jeff’s office in Minneapolis. After the ritual bashing of each of the missing weasels, the group discussed various business topics.

Upcoming Meetings:

4th Quarter, 2008 Meeting

Date: November 6-7, 2008
Location: Omaha (Mick will schedule the Colonial Conference Room if available)
Host: Bruce Dickes
Program: Jeff Cassat
Notes/Next Host: Kelly Bennett
Career Bio: Al Fering

1st Quarter, 2009 Meeting

Tentative Date: February 15-16, 2009
Location: Des Moines
Host: Kelly Bennett
Program: Bruce Dickes
Notes/Next Host: Al Fering
Career Bio: Mick Occhiuto

2nd Quarter, 2009 Meeting

Tentative Date: May 7-8, 2009
Location: Des Moines
Host: Al Fering
Program: Kelly Bennett
Notes/Next Host: Mick Occhiuto
Career Bio: Kelly Bennett


The members in attendance agreed that they are happy with the membership as it now stands. They also discussed key points to consider when and if we add new members and concluded:

Membership should be considered only for the RIGHT person. Potential new members must attend an X2 quarterly meeting AS A GUEST so that they can determine if they would want to join. X2 members would then determine if an invitation to join is warranted.

Website/Group Identity:

The group discussed how to best brand the group, create an identity and facilitate communications. Conclusions:

We need to have a group logo designed – Jeff will coordinate and send examples to the group before the next meeting. The group will review logos at the next meeting.
Mick has acquired web addresses for the group that all point to the same content:
§ www.Xperience-xchange.com
§ www.X2-studygroup.com
§ www.X2studygroup.com
It was agreed that we should use the new websites as a meeting place/blog. Communications and feedback should utilize the website blog features as opposed to e-mail and other means.
At the next meeting Mick will provide a “hands-on” intro to using the site for X2 blogging.


The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

How to Sell a Lobster – Bill Bishop

The Logic of Failure – Dietrich Dörner

Leading at the Edge – Dennis Perkins

Miles Gone By – William F. Buckley

The Hands-Off Manager – Steve Chandler

100 Ways to Motivate Others – Steve Chandler

Work Like You’re Showing Off – Joe Calloway

A Leader’s Legacy – James Kouzes

One Red Paperclip – Kyle Macdonald

X2 SOB Stories:

§ Mick wants to be the catalyst to help build a culture/environment of true agency building at Colonial. Discussion ranged from the idea of pre-packaged “best-practices” containers, identifying and building champions for those best practices, piloting segments of the key components, incrementalizing the building of the environment, et. al.

§ Jeff is seeking good speakers for a number of Capitas events. A number of possibilities were offered up.

§ Bruce described the danger of the SEC’s proposed rule 151A and how it has the potential to address more products than just index annuities, e.g. index UL, par WL, fixed annuities, etc. He asked the group to help marshal comments to the SEC, Congress, etc.

§ Kelly asked for input re: managing field advisory groups. Ideas included dispersing their responsibilities across a number of sub-committees, establishing “rules of the road” in advance, describing in advance the content they are expected to address and the form the output should take, etc.

Technology Corner:

Mick discussed several interesting websites.







Career Bio:

Bruce followed Jeff’s lead from the last meeting and presented his highly-checkered career bio. It was a real eye-opener, especially the part about the planet Krypton and traveling to Earth as a small child.

Blog Presentation:

Mick provided a highly-informative (life-affirming? – stand-up-and-cheer-inspirational-true-life-story? – down-and-dirty-political-hatchet-job?) presentation about blogs, blogging, the blogosphere, etc. At our next meeting he will do a hands-on presentation on how to use the X2 blog to enhance our group communication efforts.

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