Thursday, October 23, 2008

Speed Reading Course

This course comes highly recommended and it is very affordable.

The Readers Edge

  • It's Simple
  • Eliminate Habits
  • Guided Training
  • Results & Guarantee
  • It's Easy with Simple Lessons and Exercises

Imagine improving your reading speed and getting more out of your time spent reading.

With The Reader's Edge® speed reading software, you can increase your reading speed, comprehension and recall, regardless of your age and current reading ability.

Designed for Readers of All Ages and Reading Levels

Everyone wants to read better, so we designed The Reader's Edge to work for all readers. With easy program navigation, detailed lessons and simple exercises, it's easy for students, teachers, parents and professionals to quickly improve their reading skills.

#1 Rated Speed Reading Software

Rated by TopTenReviews as the best speed reading software on the market, our program is easy to use and highly effective. Because we're the best, we're constantly improving our teaching methods and exercises, and we provide those improvements to our users free of charge.

Realize Your Potential

Research shows that the average person's reading speed is limited to the rate at which they speak — between 160 and 220 words per minute. Yet with proper training, you can read 2 to 5 times faster with improved comprehension and recall by eliminating the reading habits that hold you back.

  • Eliminate Your Bad Reading Habits
  • Overcome the habits that prevent you from reading at your full potential.

    Decrease Eye Fixations
    Most of us were taught to read word-by-word or letter-by-letter. This causes us to read much slower than necessary, considering our brains are capable of handling thousands of word per minute. With improved reading skills, The Reader's Edge users learn to read groups of words instead of a single word at a time.

    Eliminate Subvocalization
    Most people "subvocalize," or silently speak words as they are read. Because you can't read any faster than you can speak, it's essential to eliminate or reduce your subvocalization.

    Eliminate Re-reading and Increase Comprehension
    The common habit of going back over words seriously hampers your reading speed. This habit is tied to the way we were taught to read — slowly and carefully, pondering over every word in hopes of increasing our comprehension. By learning to read faster, you'll be more involved with the material you're reading and improve your concentration and comprehension.

    Get Step-by-Step Guided Training
    With a detailed lesson plan, you get guided training that provides step-by-step instructions.

    Evaluating Current Reading Abilities
    You start by taking speed and comprehension tests to measure your current reading abilities. This way, you'll know your starting point and be able to easily monitor your progress.

    Configure the Software to Your Reading Goals
    Once you have evaluated your reading abilities, you can configure the program to an attainable reading goal. This ensures that the program is pushing you toward a realistic yet challenging reading speed.

    Practice Makes Perfect
    The detailed lesson plan will sequentially move you through the program. You'll go from seeing and reading one word at a time to reading whole groups of words to practicing with full sections of text. We cover all aspects of the reading process from comprehension, vocabulary and reading speed to retention, recognition and word-association skills.

    Achieve Results that Last!
    Learn a method of reading that will last a lifetime.

    Realistic and Attainable Results
    We don't promise to get you reading 10 times faster. What we do guarantee is you'll learn a reading method that will last a lifetime. Don't be fooled by methods that promise to teach you how to read thousands of words per minute — it's just not realistic.

    15 Minutes of Practice
    By practicing with The Reader's Edge for only 15 minutes every other day, we guarantee you'll at least double your current reading speed while improving your comprehension and recall. Imagine the free time you'll have by improving your reading skills!

    Guaranteed. Or Your Money Back.
    The Literacy Company provides a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on The Reader's Edge, because we know it will work for you. Get guaranteed results and double your reading speed, or return the program for a full refund. Improve your reading skills — Order The Reader's Edge!

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