Monday, June 1, 2009

X2 Meeting Notes - 4/13/2009

Meeting kicked off at 8:30 with standard pleasantries…and place settings of bountiful gifts from our host, Bruce Dickes and Financial Brokerage, Inc.
Personal Updates
Al - Business was good in 2008 and has slowed some in 2009. Al's wife has had a recurrence of cancer, which will take a toll in many respects this year.
Bruce - 2008 was a good year. FB's Life guy was not on the Northbound Train, so Bruce is looking for a suitable replacement. Related or not…life business is UP for the year.
Mick- Status quo. Looking for a Territory Sales Manager for Chicago area. Mick is interested in "winding down" a bit if the economy would cooperate. Pam continues to struggle through her recuperation.
Jeff - Lots of merger activity in banks and brokerage offices that have had an impact on Capitas sales/distribution.
Kelly - Surviving the PFG cutbacks, as the company strives to align expenses with economically challenged revenues.
Book Reports
Malcolm Gladwell Outliers
Scott Halford Be A Shortcut
? Flightplan
? Tenured Radicals
Jonah Goldberg Liberal Fascism
Mark Levin Liberty and Tyranny
Gerd Gigerenzer Gut Feelings
Tom Peters The Circle of Innovation
William F. Buckley The Reagan I Knew
Dow Mossman The Stones of Summer
Aron Ralston Between a Rock and a Hard place
Corky Gillis The Death Bond Conspiracy
Joe Terranova "Embracing Pessimism" Newsletter
SOB Stories
Bruce - Bench strength exists…but so does reluctance to fill roles of "advancement" at FB. How can we better identify/develop/find a breed of future leaders/owners/senior staff?
Mick - Is there any new material relative to development/motivation/spark for recruiting, training, and sales development?
Jeff - Imposing a spendthrift clause on the CEO in light of expense pressures that only seem to apply to everybody else in the organization???
Al - Social networking sites. Are they a help or a hindrance? Are they an appropriate business tool in Al's line of work? Should they become a part of his future strategy?
Kelly - Contemplating what to do relative to a product "feature" that has fallen out of favor with certain states. Is it an ethical dilemma to "withhold" a state filing just because it would bring attention/disapproval to a feature that already exists on the product that is currently offered there?
Al's Career Bio
Sorry…I lost the handout.
Jeff's Program/Presentation
Jeff replayed an SFSP web-seminar that focused on change…and on the generational differences (Silent vs. Boomer vs. X vs. Y). We discussed practical application of understanding these differences, and how we need to adjust management/leadership styles and tactics to better apply to these generational differences.
Next meeting:
Host: Kelly - Des Moines
Date: July 21
Bio: Mick
Program: Bruce
Notes/Next Host: Al
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